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Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd. presents...

          ABOUT Wild Horse Spirit
                 Taken early AM from Commericial Airline as it passed over Washoe Valley at base of eastern Sierra Mountains and Lake again...his name was his destiny 

                                            The Spirit's Home
       Wild Horse Spirit is located near the base of  eastern side of Sierra Nevada Mountains in Washoe
Valley between Reno and Carson City NV off Hwy 395.  Beautiful Lake Tahoe is at the top. Photo taken one
beautiful sunrise morning from a commercial airplane as it flew over Washoe Valley.

     Wild Horse Spirit is a  hands-on, private, non-profit,  Wild Horse Rescue, Advocacy Organization, & Sanctuary, co-founded by Bobbi Royle & Betty Kelly.  WHS received its 501(c)(3) charitable organization status in 1993.  Wild Horse Spirit's track record echoes our love & life's dedication to the precious "Spirits".  Like-minded volunteers & supporters make our dreams & goals possible.  Constant vigilance is a must to protect & preserve America's free-roaming wild horses on both public & private lands.  We are dedicated to working with other organizations & people who have our same concerns & goals.  We are non-paid, dependent upon donations, fund-raising activities, & receive no governmental funds. All donations are tax-deductible.   We were fortunate to be one of two recent recipients of Horse Power's first annual presentation and event as result of the new beautiful specialized Nevada license plates..."wild and free". 

Mission Statement-Objectives   History   Accredited Sanctuary     Fund Raising-Activities  Visit Us-Meet The Spirits 

  Wild Horse Spirit's Mission Statement and Objectives

Humane Treatment, Rescue and Rehabilitation of injured, sick or jeopardized wild horses.
Preservation and Protection of free-roaming wild horses on public and private ranges.  Two stallions running in the Virginia Range Mountains-5-10-99
       Our motto is,
"As It Should Be, Wild Horses Running Free ".
Rigid Adoption Guidelines to prevent auction and slaughter of wild horses.
Support, Educational & Referral system for concerned citizens, adopters & their
       wild horses, including resistant-free training, veterinary services, feeding & safe
       horse keeping to insure a lifetime friendship & commitment between the adopter
       and the wild horse.
Preserve WHS’ sanctuary of rescued wild horses for their remaining natural lives.
Education about wild horses as America's "Living Symbols of Freedom"
 (Craig C. Downer), their essential roles as wildlife that sustains a naturally balanced ecosystem on western lands
       and that modern horse, Equus caballus, evolved on the North America continent and is a re-introduced
        native species.

   History of Wild Horse Spirit

     Living in a Cookie, alone, drinking from puddle in a urban community-Jan 96 foothill community just east of Reno, Nevada, we were privileged to live harmoniously among free-roaming bands of wild horses.  We learned of their beauty, sound bodies and great intelligence and an amazing highly socialized sensitive family structure.  We fell in love with them.  In our naiveté, we thought they were protected, as most 1-15-2001 a free roaming wild horse sorrel mare against the Reno-Sparks skyline. Development continues to intrude upon their long time lands Americans think, but we soon discovered the bleak plight of America's wild horses.  Since 1989, we began "Saving One Horse at a Time".  Communities expanded and natural water sources and migratory ranges used by the wild ones for hundreds of years were blocked.  Horses were called "intruders".  In 1994, we moved to a larger area in Washoe Valley bringing our rescued wild ones with us to their new home.  We continued to rescue injured and jeopardized wild ones from both public and private ranges as the need arose.  We found that "adoption" was not a panacea, but primarily a political funnel that provides a means to quickly and quietly remove wild horses leading many to auction and slaughter.

     Wild Horse Spirit, an Accredited Sanctuary

          Rescued wild horses in WHS arena      Double rainbows in the distance near Wild Horse Spirit
December 2000, Wild Horse Spirit became an Accredited Sanctuary through The Association of Sanctuaries, a process that included an on-site  visit by TAOS Foundation.  Certification of Accreditation states:

"As a sanctuary which provides a place of refuge for abused, neglected, unwanted, impounded, abandoned, orphaned, or displaced wild or farmed animals and adheres to the policies of humane care set forth by the Association of Sanctuaries".    

   Activities and Fund Raising  

    GARAGE sales of donated items, WHS booths atMona and Bobbi enjoying the WHS Booth at Convention Center local functions, sale of merchandise such as WHS T-shirts, WHS sweat shirts, WHS bumper stickers (As It Should Be, Wild Horses Running Free), WHS caps, Wild Horse Calendars, donated merchandise and hand-made items, etc. Local sign-up #1919 Wild Horse Spirit at Scolari's Market gives 1% of your gross purchases to Wild Horse Spirit.  The generosity of supporters enables our dedication to help a wild one whenever the need arises.  We have several garage sales thru out the year.  If you would like to donate any items,  please give us a call, Bobbi at 775-883-5488.  Every little bit helps a whole lot.
Running Free at Dawn
◄Check out our Photos of Free Roaming Wild Horses that shares with you rare photos taken by Betty over the years...Yes, you may purchase them, too.  ALL proceeds go to Wild Horse Spirit.  Click the photo for the gallery and more information.

      Shadow Spirits - 16x22 inch print by artist, Nancy Christy-Moore

"Shadow Spirits" 
by Nancy Christy-Moore 

This absolutely gorgeous "Spirit" print was donated to
Wild Horse Spirit by Nancy to help our fund raising efforts.
To help the wild "Spirits"
and be owner of this print go
Raffle Tickets  for further information about Nancy's
print.  This print was won!  Thanks Nancy.

Shadow Spirits is a Giclée - limited edition of 300, signed
 and numbered. Image size is 14x20 and it's printed
 on watercolor paper 16x22. 

Beautiful 88x100 inch Hand-made Wild Horse Quilt by Ardith Raine, Reno NV, in memory of 1998 Christmas holiday wild horse slaughter and donated to WHS. The drawing will take place once America's Justice System has decided the pending trial case of three suspects.     
Raffle WINNER (right) of the beautiful 88x100" hand-made Wild Horse Quilt by Ardith Raine that is dedicated to the 1998 Christmas holiday slaughter of 34 Virginia Range wild horses, was Laura Carman of Reno NV.  The drawing took place on 3-21-2002 after America's Justice System settled with a "slap-on-the-hand" plea-bargaining for the three defendants on 2-11-2002 for only one horse. Congratulations, Laura!  And thanks a million, Ardith, for your help!  Your quilt has a great home!

Trial-plea-bargained...Sentencing 2-11-2002

The dedication written on Ardith's quilt stated:  "Wild Horse Spirit.  Bless the 34 wild ones who were massacred over December holidays 1998.  In memory of "Hope", her family and friends.  Quilt made by Ardith Raine for Wild Spirits everywhere.  Reno, Nevada 1999."      

  Again, Wild Horse Spirit receives no governmental funds or assistance.  We are a private
Steve Colthorp, resistance-free trainer working with Sparky, Mona's baby 5-3-97. Note Sparky's right ear is cocked back listening to Stevenon-profit organization dependent upon donations, fund raising, etc.  Your help, whether as a contributor or volunteer, is needed & deeply appreciated.  Call Bobbi (775-883-5488) or for planned Clinics, or wish to purchase our photos of free roaming wild horses taken over the years.
If interested in wild horse gentling-training-information and "Tips" Clinic, call Bobbi at 775-883-5488 or E-Mail us.

  Visit Us and Meet the Rescued Spirits

   Visit us for a "Wild Horse Fix" and meet rescued "Spirits".  Currently, Wild Horse6-19-99 Playfully sharing a willow branch. Spirit, left, and Charlie Wild Horse, right. Spirit provides sanctuary to wild horses, originating from both federal and private lands, each with a unique rescue story.  Come to meet Brite, Whisper, Taffy, Skye, Bugz, Spirit, Jess, Cinnamon, Ned, Cookie, Shadow, Red, Mona, Charlie Wild Horse, Reina, Shelby, Billy, Freedom, Alf, L-Jay, Grey, Mica, Sarah, Jonni Rose , Katy, and Miles.  Our newest rescues are , Silver Dolly, an injured 4-week-old filly and Grace, an abandoned titled BLM wild horse. Also we have Marge and her filly, Amy, rescues a result of the Dann's sisters situation.  We recently took back Sugar and her filly, Daisy, as their adopter moved to Colorado.  Each has an amazing a personal rescue story.  Help us continue our "labor of love" by supporting a wild horse with a donation, volunteering time to help, or donating items for our garage sales.  Just give us a call.  Otherwise, if just you  need a "wild horse fix", let us know. Thanks for your concern and help.

Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd.
25 Lewers Creek Road
Carson City, NV 89704
(775) 883-5488 

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