Hope, critically wounded-12-27-98 
Our Story of 34 Virginia Range
Wild Horses SLAUGHTERED in Nevada Dec. 1998


 of  Nevada Wild Horse Slaughter 

Plea-bargaining No justice served??


Defendants, Merlino, Brock, Brendle, in Carson City NV


 Bugz-survivor of slaughter-2-27-99
 Bugz  survivor of Virginia Range December 1998 killings-found 2-99

October 2000 -Bromby mare shot while foaling
Australian  Government Slaughter -mare foaling-Oct 2000

For stolen, missing horses, including missing victims of Katrina...see Links for  Stolen Horses International.


 Welcome To Spirit, recovered from fractured leg and now giving a HAPPY BIG kick for you. CLICK HERE. 



ABOUT Wild Horse Spirit   Freedom for all beings. Dedicated to the heroic victims and survivors of 9-11-2001.  God bless the horses, donkeys and camels who bear the inhumane burden of mankind's inability to live in harmony.

                     a Hands-On, Private, Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) Charitable
                         Wild Horse Rescue,  Advocacy Organization and Sanctuary  
                         co-founded by Bobbi Royle and Betty Kelly in 1993.

                      We Share with you our "Labor of Love" and 
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        Palomino band August 1989, free-roaming in Virginia Range
        "The Palomino Band...free roaming Virginia Range"...August 1989.. CLICK HERE!

12-16-2018 Live stream horse racing in Canada
2-27-2005 Two Critical Horse Bills:  U.S. HR. 297 and H.R. 503
                           Help pass these bills.  See below.
2-27-2005...H.R. 297 Reverses Burns Wild Horse Slaughter amendment:
U.S. Rep. Nick J. Rahall (D-WV) introduced on 
H.R. 297 bill into the 1st section of 109th Congress on 1-25-2005, which reverses the U.S. Senator Conrad Burns' (MT-R) slaughter amendment to the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horses & Burros Act...Wild Horse Annie's bill. Rahall's bill states, "To restore the prohibition on the commercial sale and slaughter of wild free-roaming horses and burros". 

Revive the "Spirit of Wild Horse Annie" to once again SAVE America's free-roaming wild horses & burros from massive illegal removals from their legal native ranges by BLM.  SIGN  the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign Petition, to show support for America's wild horses & burros and move Congress to conduct an investigation of BLM management policies and help support a grassroots campaign of letters/faxes in support of H.R. 297 introduced by U.S. Rep. Nick J. Rahall (WV-D).  Thank you Rep. Rahall!  Were you the lucky 25,000th signature?  
Click here for more information.

In the Spirit of Wild Horse Annie.
►2-19-2005...WHAT HAPPENED?  Unfortunately, U.S. Senator Conrad Burns' (R-MT) sneaked #142 rider into the U.S. Senate 3000+ page Omnibus appropriation bill (#4818), without a public hearing,  just before Thanksgiving 2004 "gutting" Wild Horse Annie's 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act (Section 3 of the Act...P.L. 92-195) and was SIGNED by President Bush to allow slaughter of thousands of America's wild horses.
http://www.horserescueofamerica.org  reveals an accurate truthful video/information regarding the current plight of America's wild horses at the hands of BLM and the private corporate livestock industry and updated info regarding H.R. 297 that hopefully will reverse the Burns' slaughter rider. Click here for more information.
  In the "Spirit of Wild Horse Annie", Velma Johnston.

2-27-2005...U.S. H.R. 503 American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act...re-introduced 2-1-2005. Information and how YOU can help stop slaughter of America's horses, both wild and domestic, for human consumption.  Click here.  Also see below TEXAS and ILLINOIS.

2-19-2005  Go to http://slate.com/id/2113580/ for an excellent article, Mustang Sallies, by Deanne Stillman printed, 2-16-2005, by SLATE internet news. More info about Deanne and the book she is currently writing...go to LINKS, too.

Photo WEBPAGE ... Welcome to the photography of the Wonderful World of America'sfoal running free at dawn-#21A Free Roaming Wild Horses...photos showing their free roaming natural beauty. Either great gifts or for your home! Our most recent exhibit was on display at the Washoe County Downtown Reno Library, 301 S. Center Street, Reno, NV and ended 1-30-2004.  Our exhibit  included individual wild horse rescue stories, too. Thanks Washoe Co Library for your support of free roaming wild horses!

6-3-2003...Texas Horse Slaughter bill that would have overturned a 1949 Texas law banning horse slaughtering for human consumption is stopped...but the two Belgium foreign-owned horse slaughterhouses in Texas now aims higher under the auspices that  federal law supercedes state laws.  Meanwhile, slaughtering of ten of thousands of horses continue in Texas.  Illinois legislators did a 180 degree turn against America's horses.  The Illinois legislature has sentenced America's horses to horrible deaths by defeating the bill Illinois, HB 3845,  that would have prevented rebuilding and reopening of the Cavel International foreign-owned horse slaughterhouse plant for human consumption  in De Kalb, Illinois.  NOW, there are now three foreign-owned horse slaughterhouses for human consumption in USA.
         2-19-2005...See above how you can help stop these atrocities against America's horses...support H.R. 297 introduced on 1-25-2005 "to restore the prohibition on the commercial sale and slaughter of wild free roaming horses and burros" into 109th U.S. Congress by Rep. Rahall AND  U.S. H.R. 503 (American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act).

Plea-bargaining for men charged...Storey County NV and Judge
Griffin  favors Defendants...1-11-2002.    
SENTENCING of  Defendants in Carson City NV after three years!! 2-11-2002.  See "HOPE"...Was Justice Served For the Slaughtered Wild Horses?? Click Here!

PLIGHT of America's wild horses...this says it all!  Click Here! 

ABOUT Wild Horse Spirit 
Meet The Spirits 
- rescued wild horses, each with unique story.
    The Grey Family.   Experience a 10 thousand mile MONTANA WILD HORSE RESCUE journey for 114
             wild horses.  Young Sarah had a beautiful solid black velvety colt, Miles, last night 10:30PM,
             4-8-2001.  PHOTOS of Sarah's new foal. 4-14-2001

     The Palomino Band  - See photo above of August 1989. Historical significance.
        Blondie's Story  - injured palomino foal, recovery, and new home. July 1998.
        Kitty's Story -mountain lion attack October 1997.  Update Jan 2001.
        Spirit's Story  - free roaming paint colt with fractured leg-October 1998. Doing great after surgery.
   L-Jay's story -weak, malnourished, orphaned foal -May 2000. Photo Updates. 
        Skye -orphaned foal, weak, dehydrated, alone with predators. 
   Bugz...survivor of December 1998 Christmas holiday wild horse slaughter.
        Charlie Wild Horse and Mona . STORY/Photos of Mona, Red, Sparky.
Spiritual Writings.

WILD HORSE  NEWS  "as it happens" and more...
         1998 Christmas Holiday wild horses slaughter near Reno NV:  5-30-2001 - After Judge Griffin
             dismissed all charges except for one horse of the original 34 horses, Nevada Supreme Court panel
              reinstated an additional seven charges against the three defendants, Merlino, ex-Marine Brock, &
              ex-Marine Brendle for a total of eight horses.  See News Articles 4-7-2001 and 4-13-2001.  TRIAL
was then set  for 1-7-2002 to 1-22-2002 in Judge Griffin's Carson City District Court.  Meanwhile,
              Plea-Bargaining on 1-11-2002 was accepted for only horse #12.  Judge Griffin sentenced the three
              defendants on 2-11-2002 to what was only a "slap on the hand".
     NEVADA and UTAH Wild Horse shootings 3-24-2001 -orphaned foal stays by dead mother.
 4-4-2001-about orphaned foal and 4-20-2001 more horses shot. Another wild horse
               shooting 4-16-2003.

 WYOMING Wild Horse shootings 1-11-2001 and 5-12-2001.
 AUSTRALIAN slaughter by Aussie government. (you can help!) 2-27-2001
"CHILDREN  ALMOST  MOVED MOUNTAINS"...NV Assembly Bill 219,  which originated thru
                Henderson, NV elementary students and introduced  into the 2001 Nevada Legislature by
                Assemblywoman Barbara Buckley, D-Las Vegas, to make the Wild Horse/Mustang Nevada's
                2nd state animal
along side the bighorn sheep, was withdrawn by Assemblywoman Buckley  when
                NV Senator Dean Rhoads-R, father of Sagebrush Rebellion and public lands rancher, introduced
               amendment 1001 that turned the children's  Assembly Bill  219 into just another Nevada
                pro-livestock/anti-wild horse bill.   See
5-26-2001 and  6-3-2001.  Then NV Senator Amodei-R,
                Storey County, Nevada,  where the 98 Christmas holiday wild horse slaughter occurred, cast  the
                deciding Senate floor vote against the children's bill.   Kids, you fought a great  battle Wild Horse Anniepresenting all
                the facts that should have made the wild horse/mustang Nevada's 2nd state animal.
               Never give up for what  you know is right!  Remember Nevada's Wild Horse Annie's
               philosophy was battles may be won, but the war continues on to protect and
               preserve America's free roaming wild horses & burros.

OLD, old, old  Horse Bones -Let us know.

Photo WEB PAGE.  Our Free Roaming Wild Horse Photo public exhibit ended at Washoe County Downtown Reno Library at 301 S. Center Street, Reno, NV on 1-30-2004. Thank you Washoe Co Library for your support of free roaming wild horses.

Educational Video/books about the true Plight of America's Wild Horses:
*"Mustang...the saga of the Wild Horse in the American West" by Deanne Stillman
             June 2008...a must for all who care about the horse.

              Click here for Deanne Stillman's website http://deannestillman.com/mustang.shtml

Wild Horses: Homeless on the Range...narrated by Stefanie Powers.
El Caballo: The Wild Horse of North America by High Plains Films.
"Look Into Their Eyes"...
Premarin Educational Video. LEARN about this ongoing cruel
             industry and HELP save the Premarin Mares and Foals.
"Spirit, stallion of the Cimarron"
, DreamWorks production, now in DVD, VHS, CD sound track.
Wild Horse BOOK- "Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies" - Taurus Productions.

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