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Live stream horse racing in Canada

Live streaming is a media that allows people to have access to broadcast live or real-time video content. This needs a camera and computer through the internet. The viewers or customers play the live stream without them going to actual game or place where the event is being held. Live streaming usually requires customers to have a paid subscription. They have several platforms but the universally common is Facebook Live. With about 2.2 billion active users recorded as of the third quarter of 2018, live streaming through Facebook has become unparalleled against other platforms. They can use any topics when doing live streaming. They can start with cooking shows, social media, video games, and the most popular today which is horse racing. It is now one of those most talked about, most watched, most popular topics when it comes to live streaming on any platforms. Horse racing is an equestrian sport which usually involves two or more horses. They need to travel a certain distance and the horses are ridden by jockeys but sometimes being driven without riders but it is a very rare occurrence. It is a famous sports competition and it is actually one of the most ancient of all sports. Some countries have developed their own tradition around the sport. There are horses purely bred for the purpose of racing. Some countries even restrict the races for a particular breed which makes it even more popular to live stream horse racing. There are several breeds that have been adept to racing. One of them is called Thoroughbred. This breed is best known for racing around the world with their lines dating back to 17th century. It is known for being high spirited and they are excellent sports horses. They were used for hunting foxes, jumping, and polo. The Quarter horse is also a breed famous for horse racing. It is an American breed and known as one of the fastest breeds of horses using short distance races. Horse race track races can vary in distances but the most common is 5 to 12 furlongs. Furlong measures 1/8 of a mile or 220 yards. The excitement and the adrenaline are extremely high when it comes to watching a horse race in person. The experience will make you come back for more because you will be highly entertained. A horse race track is made from concrete and asphalt and the most common surface is called Polytrack.

Today, live streaming horse racing has surged on top within the last couple of years. They became so popular that they even have betting sites. Canada has a lot of betting sites for horse racing at the same time offer a live stream. It is convenient, exciting, and effortless. It is known that Canadian horse racing has a wide variety of betting opportunities. One of the most popular betting sites in Canada is Bodog. They claim that they are Canada's number one sports book. Bodog even has 100% sign up bonus. They don't only offer horse racing bets. They have several other sports where you can sign up and bet such as football. Betway is also one of the horse racing betting sites. Similar to Bodog, Betway also offers 100% sign up bonus.