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About the Wild Horses
     They are descendants of the historic Virginia Range wild horses, east of Reno NV, whose inhumane treatment by man launched an unrelenting crusade by Nevada's Wild Horse Annie, Velma Johnston, that began in the 1950's to seek lawful protection for wild horses.  Her journey ended with passage of the federal 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horses and Velma Johnston aka Wild Horse Annie - historical crusader for the preservation and protection of America's free roaming wild horseBurros Act.  Unfortunately, Annie's Virginia Range wild horses, as well as many others across the western ranges, did not receive protection under the Act.  Annie learned through her struggles and victories that the fight for their freedom must never cease...battles are won, but the war continues.
Thoughtful young stallion (#65)

About the Photographer and Co-founders of Wild Horse Spirit
     As an art form, wild horses are majestic and compelling.  Through the years, while photographically documenting the stories of rescued Spirits, Betty Lee Kelly also photographed the natural beauty of free roaming wild horses for the now and for future generations.  Through "First Collection", Betty's experiences and her feelings are shared with others who also appreciate and are learning about their great beauty and value on the open western United States ranges.

     Bobbi Royle and Betty, co-founders of Wild Horse Spirit, were fortunate to live harmoniously among free roaming bands while living in a foothill community east of Reno, Nevada.  They learned first hand of their natural beauty in the wild, their highly evolved sensitive family structure, their great intelligence, their sound bodies, their tolerance at the hands of not so well-meaning people, and, of course, their "Spirits".  They fell in love with them.  Once rehabilitated and gentled, some were adopted to loving and responsible homes, but most remain on the sanctuary.  In 1994, Bobbi and Betty moved and brought the rescued "Spirits" to their new larger Wild Horse Spirit sanctuary in Washoe Valley, near Carson City, Nevada. Bobbi and Betty continue to be activists for the survival and rights of free roaming wild horses and burros as a native species of North America and to remain free on their native home ranges.

"Know that these Spirits are God-given blessings. All have individual personalities and have a place and purpose within their sensitive family structure. Their auras radiate warmth, gentleness, and calmness to the human psyche, yet they are wise to dangers and intruders who may bring them harm. 

As you go photo to photo, pause to look into their faces, into their eyes...then look beyond into their souls. You, too, will see why there are those of us who know their reason for being...their Spirits.  Know that they must be preserved, protected, and cherished always." 

Betty Lee Kelly...January 29, 2003.

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