Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd. presents...
What You Should Know
 ADOPTING a Wild Horse

You will be surprised, but informed about ADOPTION
of these great creatures and their GRUELING journey from free-roaming with their families and friends on their homelands, starting with an unrelenting helicopter chase, to the "adoption" arena and

  • BEYOND (Utah Wild Horses Still Being Sent to Slaughter ). 

  • Also for wild horses/slaughter go to Trail's End for Horses...by Martha Mendoza. 

  • Also CLICK HERE ...horsemeat (Texas)... for additional, but factual information, regarding the destiny of both wild and domestic horses...HORSE SLAUGHTER Industry in USA...specifically Texas...and now Illinois since 2004...three foreign-owned horse slaughter houses in USA for human consumption as a delicacy on the well-to-do dinner tables of Europe, Scandinavia and Japan.  Out sourcing America's horses for eating.

  • NOW what they are facing after BLM captures them...auction and slaughter after Conrad Burns' (MT-R) sneaked a slaughter rider into the 2004 U.S. appropriation bill before Thanksgiving 2004 and signed by President Bush.  Click Here for more info.

  • FOR THE MOST CURRENT INFO go to http://www.horserescueofamerica.org and click on the video...You will be shock at the plight of America's wild horses/burros and why!!!!!

Please check back for more on Wild Horse Spirit's perspective...coming soon.

See "Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron", a truthful animated production by DreamWorks...it's for adults, too.  A MUST TO SEE FOR ALL.

     As of 11-19-2002, "Spirit" is out in a DVD, VHS and a beautiful musical CD sound track at stores, including Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc.   "Spirit" is the "Bambi" of the 21st century.

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