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...2-19-2005...Presents critical information and fully supports this crusade for ALL America's horses.

There are two Texas horse slaughterhouses that continue to operate illegally by Texas law.  These foreign-owned multi-million dollar corporations (out-sourcing America's horses for human consumption as a delicacy and great profit) are waiting and relying on the defeat of the now "dead" US federal bill H.R. 857, but now was re-introduced 2-1-2005 as U.S. H.R. 503 American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.   UNFORTUNATELY, since May 2004,  when the  SB 1921 Illinois bill was defeated,  the 3rd U.S. Illinois foreign-owned horse slaughterhouse has re-opened its new Cavel International Belgian horse slaughterhouse in DeKalb, Illinois.  There are currently THREE horse slaughterhouse in the United States, all foreign-owned. 

2-19-2005---You can HELP by supporting the pending re-introduced federal U.S. H.R. 503 (American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act).

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Dear Friends,

As you know, Cavel International, the Belgian horse slaughterer is rapidly rebuilding its plant in DeKalb, IL in hopes that Illinois
SB 1921, the bill to ban horse slaughter in Illinois, does not pass.  Therefore, we have to do all we can now to ensure that this humane bill DOES pass!

Please visit
www.HorseKillers.com, and sign the petition to ban horse slaughter in Illinois.  It's also imperative to forward the petition on to anyone you know who'd be willing to sign it, and then ask that they forward it on as well.  We need as many signatures as we can, so we can prove to Illinois legislators and the rest of the country that Illinois citizens do not want horse murder here!  

While on the website, you can also view actual, chilling footage of unfortunate horses in slaughterhouses being shot with the captive bolt gun as well as the bloody slaughter itself.  These images are very difficult to watch, but they're real and typical of any horse slaughter plant.  These video clips also show the gross inadequacies of the captive bolt method and clearly refute the horse slaughter proponents' claims of the bolt being rapid, efficient and most importantly, pain-free!  This footage was kindly provided by the Humane Farming Association.

You may also be surprised to find out who supports horse slaughter, and SHARK urges you to let them know what you think about that.

With your help, we can prevent Illinois from becoming the Horse Killing Capitol of the United States.

As always, thank you!

For the Animals,

Jodie Wiederkehr


                                             See Below for further information:
What more you can do:

ALSO write, call, fax or email to all member of the Illinois General Assembly letting them know your great disappointment in their political vote that continued to allow slaughtering of America's horses and operation of the Caval International foreign-owned horse slaughter plant.  General Assembly list is at http://www.kaufmanzoning.net/horsemeat/IllinoisAssembly.htm

Let your friends and neighbors know what is happening behind the closed doors of the slaughter houses.

Write your newspapers, call the radio stations, get the word out.

 The members of The Yahoo Against Slaughter Group
Contact:  Carol Chapman admin@againstslaughter.org
(Press Release - Permission to cross post granted)


Sent: Friday, March 07, 2003 4:21 PM
Subject: Cavel Horse Slaughter Plant update

April 2002...DeKalb Illinois Newspaper
By Rachel Helfrich ...Police and Fire ReporterLink:

"The fire came just months after Cavel International was denied permission to expand and instead was issued a special use permit."

"Arson was suspected..."

"Cavel International Inc., the former horse slaughtering plant located on Harvestore Drive, has made plans to rebuild...under a new permit.

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