Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd. presents Wild Horse photographs

    "First Collection: Spirits of the American West"

   Foal winding through the reeds (#38)

  Welcome to the Wonderful World of
America's Free Roaming Wild Horses
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Our most recent Public Exhibit of over 44 framed photos ended
 1-30-2004 at Washoe County Downtown Reno Library, Reno, Nevada.

"On behalf of the entire staff of the Downtown Reno Library, I truly thank all of you for sharing your beautiful photos and stories with us and our community.  I know that all of us...staff...have been enlightened as far as the hard work your organization manages.
 I would hope that your exhibit at our library generated a broader awareness in our community.  Again, thank you for sharing, and we would be honored to have you do this again! I'll be in touch...truly, Mary Lohne".

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This webpage is DEDICATED to all free roaming wild horses but especially to a very, very brave wild horse...FREEDOM...who at one time was free to roam the Virginia Range Mountains, east of Reno NV. When he became very ill, Wild Horse Spirit rescued him and Alf, an orphaned foal, at the same time.  Once Freedom finished his earthly purpose to stand by Alf, while Alf grew, as his God-parent at Wild Horse Spirit, Freedom then went upon the great wings of Pegasus to once again be free to join others who had preceded him.  Freedom's spirit" continues to watch over Alf, as well as Charlie Wild Horse, who are both at their new home at Freedom's Fields in Sebastopol CA. with Patti and Jeff. Alf (left) and Freedom (right). Charlie Wild Horse in backgraound-June 2000