July 2001 Katy now a 14-month-old beauty

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Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd. presents...

     The Montana Wild Horse Rescue...

"The Grey Family"
                 Experience the rescue journey of 114
                 previously adopted Montana wild horses

                 6-7-2000 Sarah just arrived to join Grey, Mica, Jonni Rose and Katy at WHS
            Sarah, (left) 6-7-2000, finally arrives on the 2nd trip at Wild Horse Spirit to
           rejoin her family, Grey, Mica, Jonni and Katy (far left) who previously arrived
           on 5-27-2000 after the first trip to Montana.  What we did not know was that
           young Sarah was pregnant. 
11-4-2001 Photo Updates on how the Grey Family
           is doing now.

SARAH'S FOAL WAS BORN 4-8-2001 at 10:30PM.
     Baby and Mom are doing great as you can see below.  He is a beautiful solid velvety black
coat.  If he inherited his mother's dominant gray gene, he will gradually become gray like his
mother, his grandmother, Grey, and his sister, Mica.  It appears his sister, Jonni, and his cousin,
, will be gray, too.  He has several pending names including Miles, "
as he can go miles and
miles and has been miles and miles in his past lives."
(We asked for his name- Spiritual Writings)

   4-10-2001 Miles' beautiful solid black velvety coat glistens in the sunlight at WHS    4-10-2001 Sarah and her colt are enjoying the warm sunlight while eating together

 The Long Rescue Journey BEGINS...

     In May 2000, an old friend who had been rescuing BLM wild horses for many yearsSeptember 1993 in Montana - Mica, then a yearling, and her mother, Grey, then 17y/o, just after they were adopted from BLM from Wyoming, Montana, Idaho & California and even from auctions called Wild Horse Spirit asking for help. His horses were in immediate danger of being confiscated  by Montana county officials, which meant auction & slaughter. Health, financial problems &  failure
5-24-2000 in Montana - Grey, 24y/o, Jonni, born in April, and Katy, born in May, just before leaving on the 1st trip with Mica, 8y/o, to their new home at Wild Horse Spiritto segregate stallions from mares prevented him from properly caring for his harem that had grown to approximately 114 horses. Together with Redwings Horse Sanctuary & Colorado Wild Horse and Burros Coalition (CWHBC), we began orchestrating a rescue.  Interim hay & veterinarian care were provided while horses could be moved to safety.  Mares & foals who were the most critical were moved first.  Between May 20th & August 25th, Betty from Wild Horse Spirit, pulling a horse trailer, journeyed over 10,000 miles, making over 4 different trips between Nevada to Wyoming, Colorado & Montana. 

   5-24-2000 Montana -some of the horses before the rescue began   5-24-2000 Montana -Diamond with her foal, who died before they could be rescued on the 3rd trip-See below 7-4-2000- Diamond in Fruita CO 
  5-24-2000 still in Montana, Beauty, then 1 weeks old, laying in hot sun, would have to wait with her mother, Ellie, for the 2nd trip    5-24-2000 in Montana-Desi and her foal, Candy Cane, who was determined to have cataracts while in Fruita Co, and was blind. She was eventually transported to Redwings in California with her mother, Desi, where eventally she had cataract surgery. See below 7-4-2000 in Fruita CO    5-24-2000 Montana-Ellie, and her foal, Beauty, would have to wait for the 2nd trip

 FIRST TRIP to Montana...May 2000 (see photos above and below)

On May 20th, Betty left Wild Horse Spirit on the first trip to Montana, and returned (see below) on 5-27-2000 to Nevada with the "Grey Family"...Grey, Mica, Jonni Rose, and Katy (below below).  The "Grey Family" would be the first of an eventual 114 previously adopted wild horses rescued between May and August 2000.

         5-27-2000 Grey, 24y/o mare, just unloaded at WHS with her foal, Jonni, born in April, after a long trip from Montana    
5-27-2000 now at Wild Horse Spirit, Jonni, born in April, unloading just behind her mother, Grey, 24y/o.
    5-27-2000 now at Wild Horse Spirit, Mica, 8y/o mare, with her foal, Katy, born in May. Just unloaded after long trip from Montana  
5-27-2000 just arrived at WHS, Jonni, born in April, so happy to be running after her long trip from Montana   5-27-2000 just arrived at WHS from Montana, Jonni is socializing her with old sister, Mica

  5-24-2000 (photo right) still in Montana, young
and 5th member of The Grey Family,
  would have to wait for the 2nd trip and come
  with Ellie and Beauty. It was so difficult for Betty
  to leave horses behind, but the horse trailer
  could only take so many safely at a time to
  make sure that mares and foals were
  comfortable while traveling. 


   5-24-2000 still in Montana - Sara, the 5th member of The Grey Family, would have to wait for the 2nd Trip and come with Ellie and Beauty to Wild Horse Spirit

SECOND TRIP to Montana...June 2000 (see photos below)

     On the 2nd trip (see below), Betty returned to Montana for Sarah, the 5th member of the "Grey Family", and
and her 4 week-old baby, Beauty.  Unknown at this time, Sarah, 3y/o, was about one month pregnant
 with Miles.  On the return trip to Nevada, Betty made an emergency vet stop in Wyoming to have Beauty
examined.  She was weak, malnourished, and not doing well.  Her mother, Ellie, too, who was malnourished
with no milk, never stopped eating during the entire trip.

                        6-6-2000 Sarah                                 6-6-2000 Ellie and Beauty 
6-6-2000 during 2nd trip, Sarah riding in back trailer compartment from Montana to Wild Horse Spirit. 
What we did not know at this time was Sarah was about 1 month pregant. Ellie and Beauty rode in the front compartment.       6-6-2000 during 2nd trip, Ellie, malnourished with no milk for Beauty, never stopped eating the entire trip from Montana to Wild Horse Spirit. Beauty, resting but weak and malnourished lay quietly. She required oral electrolytes and subQ glucose every 4 hours.

     Beauty would not have survived if she had remained any longer in Montana.  The vet was great with
and EllieBeauty was examined, blood work obtained, and was given initial IV's.  The vet
felt her main problem was malnutrition.  He also felt she would be OK to continue her travel, but
would require subcutaneous glucose and oral electrolytes every 4 hours on the return trip to Wild
Horse Spirit.

      6-7-2000 Ellie, still eating, and Beauty, still weak and malnourished, arrived at WHS and greeted by Mandy, a neighbor helper.     About one week later, Betty giving Beauty Foal-Lac milk supplement while Ellie's milk supply increases. Beauty doing much better.

THIRD TRIP to Montana, then to Fruita, Colorado...July 2000 (see photos below)
On July 4th, Betty, returned to Montana and transported an extremely malnourished bay mare (Diamond) whose foal had died, an orphaned foal (Cheyenne, named after her mother who had died) and a paint mare (Curly) and her paint filly foal to Toni Moore, Colorado Wild Horse and Burro Coalition, in Fruita CO.   Earlier in June, CWHBC had also transported 4 mares, their foals and 10 yearlings to Fruita CO for care.  Thanks to Toni and her husband, Don,
a vet who volunteered his professional time, all horses (22) taken to Fruita CO were nursed back to health with special assistance from Toni’s and Don’s children who not only provided physical work but lots of TLC.  Also in June, Redwings Horse Sanctuary had transported an additional ten yearlings and two geldings (Coyote and Buffalo) and one stallion (Sport) from Montana to Jackson CA for care.  

      7-4-2000, 3rd trip, Curly and her paint foal unload in Fruita CO at sunset    7-4-2000 3rd trip, Cheyene, orphaned colt, and Diamond, whose foal died and who befriended Cheyene, arrive at Fruita CO at sunset for rehab back to health
      7-4-2000, 3rd trip, just arrived in Fruita Co at sunset. Curly with her filly paint foal, Diamond whose foal died in Montana, and orphaned Cheyenne who was befriended by Diamond.    7-4-2000 in Fruita Co, Desi and her foal, Candy Cane, who is visually impaired with cataracts, receives TLC from Toni Moore and her son.  Both Desi and Candy Cane arrived earlier with other wild horses from Montana via Colorado Wild Horse & Burro Coalition

FOURTH and LAST TRIP to Montana - August 2000 (see photos below)
     Late in August, Betty returned for the 4th and last time to Montana.  On August 23rd, 24th and 25th, the Montana Back Country Riders, Montana Large Animal Rescue and Betty made several trips between Crooked Creek MT and Custer MT transporting the remaining 70 wild horses safely to a large ranch in Custer MT (see photos below).

   AUGUST 23, 2000, Wednesday -Crooked Creek Ranch to Custer MT. 

      8-23-2000 mares, Shamrock, and foals unloading at Custer MT ranch     8-23-2000 Shamrock walking away from trailer
      8-23-2000 foals cautiously unloading after their mothers at Custer MT ranch       8-23-2000 last two foals to unloaded. Dark foal reluctantly unloads. Turned out that he had cataracts and was visually impaired. His mother is Rose
      8-23-2000 Joy, a sorrel mare, unloading with her paint foal not far behind     8-23-2000 Joy's paint colt unloading behind her
   AUGUST 24, 2000, Thursday -Crooked Creek Ranch to Custer MT. 
      8-24-2000 4 mares without foals unload at Custer MT ranch. June would join them the next day.     8-24-2000 mares and foals in the distance that were released the day before
      8-24-2000 Max unloading at Custer MT ranch with 4 other stallions     8-24-2000 Young bay stallion unloading. May have been a friend of Sara's

   AUGUST 25, 2000, Friday - Crooked Creek Ranch to Custer MT.

         JUNE, transported alone, was the last horse to arrived at Custer MT Ranch
         and the last of a total of 114 Montana wild horses rescued. 

     Early morning of 8-25-2000 (see photos below), Betty transported the last horse, #114, June, to Custer MT.  The day before, 8-24-2000, June kept kicking the other mares in the small corral while waiting to be loaded into the trailer.  To prevent injuries to June and other mares, we removed her from the small corral.  Betty would transport her alone the next day.  Over the previous 3 days, June had witnessed all of her friends and family members loading into trailers and leaving.  She knew she was now alone.  On the evening of August 24th, after returning from Custer MT, Betty backed the trailer up to the small chute.  June willingly and hurriedly, without any coercion, almost trotted nonstop into the small corral, thru the chute and into the awaiting trailer – as if she had done this a million times before. June was ready to make the last trip to Custer MT to join the others.  We arrived at the Custer MT ranch on morning of 8-25-2000 where June joined the others. This seemingly impossible rescue was accomplished because people cared and worked together.

   (Please understand that if our Montana friend, who could no longer take care of these horses and had not
   rescued these BLM wild horses over the years, some of these beautiful horses would never have been
   and others would have surely ended up on the dinner tables in European, Japan and Scandinavian countries.)

     8-25-2000 in Custer MT, June's eye thru the trailer openings sees the excitement of finally arriving to be her family and friends. June was number 114 and the last wild horse rescued.    8-25-2000AM Rose now with her visually impaired colt, BeeWee

  8-25-2000 as Betty was leaving after the final trip before returning to Wild Horse Spirit in Nevada, she took this photo from the Old Custer Road of the rescued stallions now at Custer MT ranch



The Montana Rescue Journey ENDS 8-25-2000

STORY UPDATE:   Once Beauty and Ellie was stable and healthy enough for travel to California, Galen and Barbara from Redwings transported both to Redwings Horse Sanctuary.  Later Galen, Barbara and Sport, Coyote and Buffalo made a stopover at WHS from Montana to rest before they proceeded to Jackson CA.  The Grey family will remain at their home at Wild Horse Spirit.  Both Jonni Rose and Katy are thriving and will likely turned gray, like their mothers and sister, Sarah.  Both Grey and Mica have gained mucho weight with all the food and are feeling quite at home.  We feel that Mica is not pregnant, but we are unsure about Grey at this time.  But, Sarah, a now 4y/o whose mother is Grey, is definitely pregnant and due any day now.  On 3-11-2001, Bobbi said her foal is active and kicking her mother’s tummy.  Sarah is gentle, calm and wants to be brushed all the time.  When the little-to-be foal kicks, Sarah jumps and looks around at her flank.  We understand that the little-to-be foal is "not yet ready to walk and run at her mother side". Then on 4-8-2001 at 10:30PM, Sarah's foal was born.   Update--Grey and Mica were not pregnant.  Katy, Jonni Rose and Miles inherited the dominant gray gene and are turning gray.

UPDATE ON THE GREY FAMILY...PHOTOS and SARAH'S BABY as he has grown and is now changing colors...graying-out like his family. 

June 2001 - Powerful 9y/o Mica                                          June 200  - Beautiful, 25y/o Grey
June 2001 9y/o Mica - Katy's mother      June 2001-Beautiful 25y/o Grey, Jonni Rose's mother
  July 2001 Katy, now 14-months-old, showing off for Alf   June 2001 Jonni Rose, now 14-months-old  4-9-2001 Sarah, one day after Miles was born. She is very content as Miles nurses

(left) ........July 2001, Katy, now 14-months old, showing off for Alf
(middle)...Jonni Rose  posing for the camera. 
(right).....4-9-2001, Sarah, one day after Miles was born. She is very content as Miles nurses.

 July 2001 Miles and Sarah eating together 9-3-2001 Miles, now 3-months-old, running miles and miles  9-3-2001 Miles, turning gray like his mother, poses for the camera

(left).......July 2001, Miles and Sarah eating together. 
(middle)...9-3-2001 Miles running miles and miles. 
.....9-3-2001 Miles, now 5-months-old and color turning from his black color at birth to gray like
               his mother and grandmother, Grey, is posing for the camera.  Sarah in the background.


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