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"Meet The Spirits"

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Wild Horse Spirit Ltd. -Kitty's Recovery Photos

10-18-97 -Kitty at vet wounds to neck -ear -16.jpg (33823 bytes)

Cleaning of Kitty's head and neck injuries began once she arrived at the vets.
©Photos by Betty Kelly

Kitty's Recovery Process
Took Time & Money

10-18-97 Kitty -ear wounds from Moutain Lyon attack -19.jpg (48603 bytes)
10-18-97 Kitty -cleaning neck wounds with hose -17.jpg (48895 bytes)
10-18-97 right neck after shaved -14.JPG (12429 bytes) Kitty's neck cleaned, hair and mane shaved. 100's of maggots washed from the wounds.

©Photos by Betty Kelly

10-18-97 Kitty -close up fang bit with miggots -18.JPG (12694 bytes)
10-18-97 miggots flying out of wound when Kitty shook her head -13.JPG (9126 bytes)
10-18-97 miggot on floor from Kittys wound -22.JPG (12136 bytes)
Close-up of a maggot on the floor (above). Maggots debride necrotic (dead) tissue from infected wounds. Likely maggots helped Kitty to survive this long (about 2 weeks) after her mountain lion attack. 

©Photos by Betty Kelly

Kitty's Slow, But Surely Recovery

10-29-97 Kitty -recovering at WHS -24.jpg (27144 bytes) 12-20-97 Kitty -at WHS recovering -25.jpg (39166 bytes)

10-29-97 Kitty recovered at Wild Horse Spirit (left).   12-20-97 Kitty still recovering and now getting a heavy winter coat. (top).  

©Photos by Betty Kelly

4-26-98 Kitty -WHS -26.jpg (19390 bytes) 4-26-98 Kitty  has recovered and continued to became stronger by the day.

Photos by Betty Kelly

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