Billy, from the Hidden Valley bachelor band, befriended L-Jay and took him under his wings.

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Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd. presents...
                  L-Jay "runs again"

6-24-2000 L-Jay, now stronger,
trying his wild horse legs in Wild Horse Spirit's arena.

6-24-2000 L-Jay, wounds healing and much stronger, is running full speed.

      First of
May 2000, L-Jay at about 5 weeks old, was discovered hanging out with a lone stallion.  His mother was no where to be found—not a good situation.  NV Department of Agriculture brand inspector whose department has jurisdiction over the Virginia Range wild horses determined L-Jay "looked OK".  He was left in the wild.  Young orphaned foals in the wild rarely survive without their mother’s milk.  

Fortunately, 3 weeks later, a mountain biker (Jay) spotted
alone, weak, malnourished with bites and bruises over his body.  The biker knew J-Lay was in trouble and needed help immediately if he was to survive.   Bobbi at Wild Horse Spirit was contacted.  After two hours in the heat, L-Jay was loaded into a bedded horse trailer.  A vet was called to examine and treat his injuries.  The instant he unloaded at Wild Horse Spirit, L-Jay baby-mouthing to AlfBilly, a Palomino-roan wild horse gelding, and L-Jay became close friends.  

Over the next few weeks, Jay eventually gained strength, weight and his wounds healed.  Mandy, a neighbor, came every morning to feed him Foal-Lac.  L-Jay was always delighted to see his friend, Mandy.  He’s about 8 months old now and growing like a weed.  Billy and he are still buddies.  Thanks Jay, for your concern and determination to help L-Jay.  Others would have passed him by.
Billy, L-Jay's buddy. Billy is from the bachelor band

L-Jay is visiting with Alf, another orphaned wild horse.  He is "baby mouthing" to Alf, which is a gesture toward older horses
 to let them know he is a baby and is no threat to them.  "I'm a baby, I'm a baby. Don't hurt me".  This gesture is honored by the older ones.


(left)  Billy, a roan Palomino Virginia Range wild horse, is L-Jay's God-father, buddy and protector.  When together in the arena, they run and play.

            Photos of L-Jay as he has GROWN!!
                        L-Jay is growing and healthy.  Billy and L-Jay are still buddies.

August 2001 at Wild Horse Spirit. L-Jay at about


9-3-2001 L-Jay, (left), and Charlie (right)
 playing king of the mound.

 August 2001 - L-Jay running and  
showing his wild horse stuff.

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