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 Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd.  presents...

   Shadow Spirits by Nancy Christy-Moore

"Shadow Spirits" 
by Nancy Christy-Moore 

This absolutely gorgeous "Spirit" print was donated to Wild Horse Spirit by Nancy 
to help our fund raising efforts .  To help the wild "Spirits" and be owner of this print 
see below about Raffle Tickets and further information about Nancy's print.

Shadow Spirits is a Giclée - limited edition of 300, signed and numbered. Image size is 14x20 and it's printed on watercolor paper 16x22.  "Shadow Spirits" will be featured in an ad for the Lionheart Galleries, Louisville, KY in the Spring edition of "American Style" magazine (coming out in late Feb for March, April, & May). For more information about Nancy's beautiful art visit her WEB ADDRESS .  785-840-9091.  See below about Giclée.

What is a Giclée Print?
    Giclée is a French word and means "the spraying of ink". A term used today to refer to a unique printing technology. Giclée Prints are known to be used by museums to display works of art normally kept in the museums' basement vaults. A Giclée Print is simply the closest duplication of an original artwork that is technically possible. These prints are produced on archival paper with archival inks with a lifetime of between 150-200 years.
The Horse Series is especially meaningful to Nancy because the paintings provide her with a unique and special medium through which to share her love of horses with others.  When beginning a painting for the Horse Series, Nancy first creates an abstract design using watercolor, acrylics, inks and sometimes oil pastels and rice paper collage.  While looking at the painting from a distance Nancy "sees" one or more horses in the abstract design.  Then, with no pre-sketching, Nancy dips a twig into India ink and draws the image as she perceives it.  Because these images are produced through subconscious imaging, Nancy refers to this style of creating as "Inner Painting".

RAFFLE TICKETS - $2 each or 3 tickets for $5.  Contact Wild Horse Spirit via E-Mail or phone 775-883-5488 and speak to Bobbi.  Thanks for helping us help the wild "Spirits".  And thank you Nancy!!

Dear Betty,
I too am a lifelong lover of horses.  Your site is wonderful and I'm glad I found it!  I would like to help your fund raising efforts, possibly by providing a painting to raffle, etc.  At the current time I don't have any prints or I would send you one.  I hope you'll go to my web site (link below) and see if any of these paintings would be appreciated in your efforts.  Then I would know which ones to make prints of.  Last year I painted one I called "Free Spirits". Unfortunately it has just sold or I would have considered donating it.  Let me know if I can help!   Nancy Christy-Moore

Betty,  Now, I do.  My three Giclée "Spirit" prints, Canyon Spirits, Shadow Spirits, and Warrior Spirits,  are on my web site (see link below) and I would be pleased to donate a print for fund-raising purposes.  Please let me know which of the three you prefer!  Nancy Christy-Moore

Good morning, Nancy.  All three are beautiful!  A difficult choice, but  "Shadow Spirits" is our choice.  Betty

Nancy, Thanks so much for your help and love of our equine friends.  Betty

Betty,   OK, "Shadow Spirits" it is!   Nancy Christy-Moore  WEB ADDRESS

Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd.
25 Lewers Creek Road
Carson City, NV 89704
(775) 883-5488 
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