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Sydney and Joey

Dear Wild Horse Spirit:

My interest in and love of the wild horses started in the summer of 1994. My husband and I rented a home in the Virginia Foothills South of Reno, because we liked the rural open area. We were moving our belongings in when we noticed that we had visitors. A beautiful band of horses came on to the property. They grazed, napped and eventually moved on. This was quite a treat for our family to see these beautiful creatures roaming so peaceably free. The incident sparked a huge interest in me to find out more about the horses.

Well, I learned about "Wild Horse Annie" (Velma Johnson) and her crusade for the Virginia Range horses that brought about the passing of the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act. I met others that were involved in the pursuit of protecting and saving these beautiful creatures. And I began to find out more about what was involved in time and energy to carry on the crusade. I began reading all the horse ownership books that I could get hold of and volunteered to feed, care for and groom horses at stables just to get information and experience. My love for horses was growing. I investigated ways to own a horse through the adoption programs. 

The first visitors of horses were now visiting us daily and we liked the area so we purchased our own home. It was across the street from the rental. After all, the horses were a big part of our daily lives. I filled out an adopter's application and had my facilities inspected.

The facilities were approved and I was put on a waiting list. In November of 1997 I received a phone call from the VRWPA stating that a band of wild horses had been captured and were being adopted out. Would I be interested in taking a look at the horses to determine whether I would be interested in adopting one ?

Sydney was a 5 month old bay filly that came to stay with us. I remember the day she came home after getting her vet inspection and her vaccinations like it was yesterday. The help and support from all the groups involved was incredible.

My friendship with Sydney was one sided for several months, but I would sit by her corral and just watch and talk to her for hours. This went on for several weeks. Then she began to trust me and realize that she was not in any danger. Both of us looked forward to my visits. Any questions I had were answered by folks at VRWPA, WHOA and Wild Horse Spirit Ltd. My mind was set at ease by all the wonderful support of the groups involved and my relationship with my new little horse was an enjoyable experience. Our friendship grew into a bond that I cherish very much. We worked on the training aspects that come with owning a young filly. The wild horses continued to visit every day.

On November 4th of 1997, Mona, a very dear friend and wild horse admirer, called telling of a new colt born up on Rim Rock early that morning. So I grabbed my video and regular cameras and drove up to Rim Rock to see the new born colt. Mona was already there. The colt was beautiful ! Mona and I decided to name him "Joey" after our fathers. He was born on their birthday and both our fathers are a "Joseph". Joey and his mom "Blaze" looked like they would do just fine. Later that day, Blaze and Joey visited Mona's yard and spent some time under her big shade tree in her front yard. This started a bond between Mona and Joey. Blaze and Joey trusted Mona and they knew that her yard was a safe place. Mona was able to get near enough to touch Joey. Blaze, and Joey would visit Mona's yard every day.

Mona and I kept each other informed of the whereabouts of the groups of wild horses and their well being. Early in January of 1998, Joey and Blaze were running around whinnying through the streets of the Foot Hills. Something had happened to their group and finally they joined Three Socks and his band. We still do not know what happened to their band. The remaining two bands of horses visited us as usual for a few days, then we did not see any of them. Later we found out that the horses had been captured and taken to Fallon. With the help of the WHOA group, we learned that Three Sock's band and another band were being placed for adoption. Joey was one of the horses that needed a home now.

Sydney was lonely now without the other horses visiting. I applied for the adoption of Joey and with the help of Dawn and Bert Lappin was able to adopt Joey. Joey was able to join us and Sydney on May 21, 1998. We love him as much as he loves us. He enjoys being brushed and groomed and is a lot of fun. Sydney and Joey have become real buddies, grooming each other, napping together and horsing around.

One of Joey's favorite times is to take a nap in the corral with his head in my lap while I rub his face and neck. Adopting these two beautiful horses has brought much joy and happiness to my life. I feel my life is truly blessed with Sydney and Joey. I have met many folks that care about the safety and well being of these horses and am grateful to the people of VRWPA, WHOA and Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd. for their help and support.

Wild Horse Spirit Ltd.
25 Lewers Creek Road
Carson City, NV 89704
Telephone (775) 883-5488
FAX (775) 884-2333

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