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"Meet The Spirits"

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     Wild Horse Spirit Ltd.

"Mona" and "Charlie Wild Horse"
New Member of the Family...3-22-98

3-23-98 Early the next morning after Charlie Wild Horse foaled at about 8:30PM.  Mona chose to give birth to him in the muddy corral and not in a warm, bedded stall.                                                                                        


Charlie (short for Charlie Wild Horse) was born March 22, 1998 about 8:43 pm
 to Mona and Red. 
(We were lucky enough to catch it on the monitor and video his birth) While
 Red, Mona and Sparky, Charlie's half brother, were held at the Reno Animal Control by 
Nevada Department of Agriculture for disposition, Mona became pregnant by Red.  
Charlie is a spunky little fellow and is having a great time visiting the other horses 
at Wild Horse Spirit.

Check back intermittently as our web site is being developed and updated. 
We believe it will be worth the wait.  Suggestions are welcome.

                Charlie Wild Horse as he grows.
                                            (below) Charlie at 4 months old.

  (below) Charlie at 9 months visiting with Taffy.  (below) at 14 months with his mother, Mona.

             About Mona

           (below) December 1996, Mona, free-roaming -   (below) 1-26-1997 at Reno Animal Control.


     (below) June 1999 Mona, home at Wild Horse Spirit.  NOW a  beautiful Virginia Range wild horse mare.

Wild Horse Spirit Ltd.
25 Lewers Creek Road
Carson City, NV 89704
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