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"Meet The Spirits"

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Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd.

L-Jay -"runs again"


  6-24-2000 L-Jay stronger and now trying his wild horse legs in the arena.

        First of May 2000, L-Jay at about 5 weeks old, was discovered hanging out with a lone stallion.  His mother was no where to be found—not a good situation.  NV Department of Agriculture brand inspector whose department has jurisdiction over the Virginia Range wild horses determined L-Jay "looked OK".  He was left in the wild.  Young orphaned foals in the wild rarely survive without their mother’s milk.  

Fortunately, 3 weeks later, a mountain biker (Jay) spotted L-Jay alone, weak, malnourished with bites and bruises over his body.  The biker knew J-Lay was in trouble and needed help immediately if he was to survive.   Bobbi at Wild Horse Spirit was contacted.  After two hours in the heat, L-Jay was loaded into a bedded horse trailer.  A vet was called to examine and treat his injuries.  The instant he unloaded at Wild Horse Spirit, Billy, a Palomino-roan wild horse gelding, and L-Jay became close friends.  

Over the next few weeks, Jay eventually gained strength, weight and his wounds healed.  Mandy, a neighbor, came every morning to feed him Foal-Lac.  L-Jay was always delighted to see his friend, Mandy.  He’s about 8 months old now and growing like a weed.  Billy and he are still buddies.  Thanks Jay, for your concern and determination to help L-Jay.  Others would have passed him by.

(right) L-Jay is visiting with Alf, another orphaned wild horse.  He is "baby mouthing" to Alf, which is a gesture toward older horses to let them know he is a baby and is no threat to them.  "I'm a baby, I'm a baby. Don't hurt me".  This gesture is honored by the older ones.


(left)  Billy, a roan palomino Virginia Range wild horse, is L-Jay's buddy and protector.  When together in the arena, they run and play. 


More Photos are on the way.

     Wild Horse Spirit Ltd.
25 Lewers Creek Road
Carson City, NV 89704
(775) 883-5488 | Fax (775) 884-2333

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