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Jess, a rescued BLM Nellis wild horse mare     You “Become a Spirit” with your Donation
IS a hands-on, private, non-profit, 501 (c)(3) charitable Wild Horse Rescue and Advocacy Organization since 1993 and became an Accredited Sanctuary by TAOS Foundation December 2000.

WITH your federal tax-deductible Donation to WILD HORSE SPIRIT, Ltd.,  you “Become A Spirit” and your donation  continues to  help provide feeding, veterinary services, training for rescued wild ones and rescues of injured or jeopardized wild horses, as the need arises.  Your help  is deeply appreciated!   We are all non-paid.  All donations go for the  horses.   Our motto is As It Should, Be Wild Horses Running Free, but when there is an injured or jeopardized wild horse, we are committed to helping.  

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WISH LIST”  for Wild Horse Spirit Sanctuary includes resources to purchase adjacent land.  We appreciate your support.  Your Donations help provide a life-time, happy and safe home for rescued wild horses.  

L-Jay runs again.

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Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd.
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website: http://www.wildhorsespirit.org

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