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"Meet The Spirits"

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Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd.

"Meet The Spirits"   
                                                                                       Bobbi and Reina -rescued the
                                                                                                                      day she was going to auction.

Brite, Casey (Kachina), Mona, Cinnamon, Felix, Jess, Kitty, Ned, Red, Reina, Shadow, Shelby, Skye,
 Billy (Snort), Cookie (Snow), Taffy, Whisper, Spirit, Freedom, Alf, L-Jay, Bugz, The Grey Family, 
and more (See below)

  • Brite - A now 7 year old light bay BLM mare.  Rescued as a yearling with injured leg.
  • Casey (Kachina) - A now 6 year old paint BLM mare. Rescued as a weanling after an untitled adopter could no longer keep her.
  • Mona, a now 6 year old bay Virginia Range mare and her little one, Charlie Wild Horse.
  • Cinnamon - A now 7 year old sorrel BLM mare. She was heading for auction and slaughter.
  • Felix - A now 6 year old bay Virginia Range gelding. Rescued after injured by a motorist.
  • Jess - A now 7 year old black BLM mare. Rescued after she was found free-roaming, abused and 200+ pounds underweight.
  • Kitty - A long yearling bay Virginia range filly. Rescued after being mauled by a mountain lion.  Unfortunately, in November 2000 Kitty had emergency surgery at UCD after a short illness. 
  • Ned - Now 5 year old sorrel Virginia Range gelding. Born at WHS after his young pregnant mother, Cookie, was rescued.
  • Red - A now 7 year old sorrel Virginia Range gelding.  Red was treated for a leg injury while free-roaming.  Eventually he was captured by Reno Animal Control, along with Mona and her foal, Sparky, who had made Mira Loma Park their home.
  • Reina - A seven year old brown BLM mare. Her owners were headed for Las Vegas and she was headed for Fallon NV to auction.
  • Shadow - A now 7 year old black Virginia Range mare.  Rescued with Shelby who befriended her as a yearling.  Alex, a wonderful stallion, had brought her back to his band during heavy winter snow.  She was fuzzy but underweight.
  • Shelby - A 9 year old sorrel Virginia Range mare.  Rescued with her 3 week old foal, Little Horse Love, who had developed a severe infection of the shoulder joint.  Despite aggressive treatment, Little Horse Love, did poorly.  Love went upon Pegasus wings to join other wild horses about three weeks after she was rescued..
  • Skye - A 6 year old bay Virginia Range mare. Rescued at 4 weeks old, weak, dehydrated with infected canine bites after her mother was killed by a motorist..
  • Snort (Billy) - A now 7 year old palomino Virginia Range gelding.  Billy was rescued along with 5 others free-roaming bachelors after they were captured by Nevada Brand Department and taken to Reno Animal Control facility.
  • Snow (Cookie) - A now 7 year old sorrel Virginia Range mare. Cookie was treated for a severe laceration of her leg while she was free-roaming.  However, this young filly was never accepted by any bands.  Because she was in jeopardy of being hit by a motorist, she was rescued.  Approximately 4 months later, Ned was born in captivity at Wild Horse Spirit.
  • Taffy - A now 11 year old bay Virginia Range mare.  She was born in 1989 and a member of the "Palomino Band".  See photo on home page.  She is the reddish foal trailing behind. Fall 1990, she became lame from a severe leg injury.  She was captured and taken to the vet for treatment. She eventually, went to WHOA where shortly after Whisper was adopted, she, too, was adopted and brought home.
  • Whisper - A now 10 year old sorrel Virginia Range mare. Whisper had only one eye since she was a foal free-roaming with the "Palomino Band".  She was born in 1990.  If you looked at the photo of the "Palomino Band" on the home page, her mother is a gray dappled mare.  With her is Whisper's brother who was born Spring 1990 while free-roaming.
  • Spirit - A now two year old bay paint Virginia Range gelding.  Spirit was rescued at 4 months of age while free-roaming after he fractured a right front leg likely from a motorist.  He required specialized surgery at University of California, Davis.
  • Freedom - a 4 year old sorrel paint Virginia Range gelding.  Extremely malnourished, weak and alone, Free was rescued one day after Alf.
  • Alf -a  now one year old brown yearling Virginia Range gelding.  Alf, orphaned, weak and malnourished, was managing to stay with his band, but without his mother, he would not survived.  Alf was captured one day before Freedom.
  • L-Jay -a 10 month old bay Virginia Range gelding.  L-Jay was found with a lone stallion.  The whereabouts of his mother unknown.  2-3 weeks later, he was discovered alone, malnourished and multiple abrasions and bites over his body.  Luckily a mountain biker found him before it was too late.
  • The Grey Family -This is unique family of five wild horses whose Montana adopter could no longer take care of them.  Grey, 24 years BLM mare, Mica, 8 year old BLM mare and their offspring, Sara, 3 years old, Jonni, 9 month old, and Katy, 8 month old, were 5 of a total of 114 wild horses rescued from May thru August 2000.  This rescue story is worth the wait.
  • Bugz -a now two year old brown Virginia Range filly.  Bugz somehow survived the 1998 Christmas holiday slaughter of 34 Virginia Range wild horses.  At about 4 months old, her mother was a victim of the shootings.  Bugz was befriended by a bachelor band who could not provide her with her mother's milk. She was found "down" at 6 months of age.
  • And more to meet.

    Read about Sydney and Joey -
    Read about Blondie and her rescue

Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd.
25 Lewers Creek Road
Carson City, NV 89704
(775) 883-5488 / Fax (775) 884-2333

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