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Betty giving Shelby a little TLC

Betty & Wild Horse Spirit.  Betty gives Shelby a little TLC.  Shelby, a Virginia Range wild horse mare,  has been through a lot.  Her web page is coming soon to tell her story.

Bobbi with Reina the day WHS saved her from going to auction in Fallon NV

Bobbi & Reina, a BLM adopted & titled NV Nellis wild horse.  On this day she was  going to auction for a quick buck,  but luckily Wild Horse Spirit rescued her after we received a call.

Brite, Casey (Kachina), Mona, Cinnamon, Felix, Jess, Kitty, Ned, Red, Reina, Shadow, Shelby, Skye, Billy (Snort), Cookie (Snow), Taffy, Whisper, Spirit, Freedom, Alf, L-Jay, Bugz, The Grey Family, Dolly, Grace, and more.

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"The Grey Family" (click for their story) - Experience the 10,000 mile rescue journey of 114 previously The Grey Family, rescued from Montana adopted wild horses from Montana.  This is unique family of five wild horses whose Montana adopter could no longer take care of them.  Grey, 26y/o BLM mare, Mica, 11y/o BLM mare and their offspring, Sarah, 3y/o, Jonni, born April 2000, and Katy, born May 2000, were 5 of a total of 114 wild horses rescued from May thru August 2000.   Young Sarah had her foal on 4-8-2001 at 10:30PM.  His name is Miles, as he can run miles and miles in this life and in his past lives.  Yes, all the Grey family are now turning gray...including Jonni Rose, Katy and Miles.  The Grey family continues to live at their home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Bugz (click for her story) -a now two year old brown Virginia Range filly.  Bugz somehow survived the northern Bugz, down and unable to get up, her final desination in the wild.  Survivor of the 98 Christmas slaughter'align= Nevada 1998 Christmas holiday slaughter of 34 Virginia  Range wild horses.  When Bugz was about 4 months old, her mother was likely one of the victims of the shootings.  A bachelor band befriended Bugz for the next two months, but they could not provide her with her mother's milk. She was found "down" at 6 months of age, no longer able to survive in the wild.  Her recovery was quite a struggle, but eventually she became stronger and stronger.  Betty walked her every day in order for her to develop muscles and strength.  Her mother would be proud of her today.  And Bugz is a tribute to her mother and her heritage. Please see the story of the 1998 Christmas holiday slaughter.  Bugz continues to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit.  Bugz and her story is told in Deanne Stillman's new book (JUNE 2008), "Mustang...the saga of the Wild Horse in the American West"  ...a classical must for all to read and who care about the horse.  Click here for Deanne Stillman's website
Mona (click for her story), a bay Virginia Range mare and her little one, Sparky, were trapped by Reno Mona impounded at Reno Animal Control with Sparky and Red Animal Control, along with Red in January 1997.  After about 3 months at the animal control, all three were finally released to us by Nevada Department of Agriculture to come home to Wild Horse Spirit.  Mona's milk had dried up.  Sparky and Mona were underweight.  The brand inspector thought Mona was just a old mare but turned out to be only about 4 years old.  Mona has a beautiful personality...gentle and absolutely a love.  See Mona now...a beautiful Virginia Range wild horse mare with long mare and tail.  Mona continues to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Sparky (webpage coming soon) - a brown weanling at Mona's side Sparky,when she, Sparky and Red were captured by Reno Animal Control by driving them across busy, dangerous McCarran Blvd. in Reno NV near Mira Loma Park.  Sparky is now a beautiful, hunky horse, with a long mane and tail like his mother, Mona. Sparky was adopted by Jan in Gardnerville NV, but now is with a trainer who has fallen in love with him.
Charlie Wild Horse (click for his story), born to Mona in captivity.  Father is Red. Last year Charlie left Wild Horse Spirit with Alf to their special new home at beautiful Freedom's Fields to live with Patti and Jeff in Sebastopol CA.
Red (click for his story) - a sorrel Virginia Range gelding.  Red was treated for a leg injury while Red, sorrel Virgina Range stallion, injured leg that was treated.  Later captured and impounded at Reno Animal Control free-roaming.  Eventually he was captured by Reno Animal Control, along with Mona and her foal, Sparky, who had made Mira Loma Park their home.  Red continues to live at his home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Kitty (click for her story)- A bay Virginia range filly was rescued after being mauled by a mountain lion.  Kitty, survivor of mountain lion attack, but then faced 3 coyotees circling her for the final killKitty was surrounded by three coyotes waiting to finish her off.  She was underweight, weak and moved slowly.  Immediately we setup a trap.  With hay, she walked slowly into the trap where she began to munch on hay and drink water.  Her wounds were debrided.  She gradually recovered.  She was one of the official greeters at Wild Horse Spirit.   Her story does not end there.  In November 2000 Kitty had  emergency abdominal surgery at UCD after a short illness, but did not do well.  Kitty was one special wild horse.  We know she finally found her ultimate home as she was went upon the great wings of Pegasus to join others that preceded her.  We miss you, Kitty!
Skye (click for her story)- a bay Virginia Range filly was rescued as a 4-week- old orphan.  We were called as Skye, a 4 week old, orphaned, injured...a man was worried that the cats would have gotten her a last effort by a man who were afraid that the "cats" would get her.  She was weak, dehydrated with infected canine bites.  She would not have lasted another day.  When we gently roped her, she fell into the sage brush.  We had to bodily lift her to her feet.  She slowly walked her down the hill into the trailer.  Betty rode in the trailer with her to help prevent her from going into shock as we rode from Silver City NV down the winding road to the vet hospital in Reno NV.  Several days later, we learned her mother had been killed by a motorist.  Skye grew up under the protection and security of Taffy.  When they were out with the others, Taffy would run between Skye and any others that tried to come close to Skye.  Skye continues to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Spirit (click for his story)- a bay paint Virginia Range colt  was rescued at 4 months of age while Spirit, a Virgina Range bay paint colt, fractured left elbow while free-roaming with his bandfree-roaming after he fractured a right front leg likely from a motorist.  Euthanasia was not acceptable. Wild Horse Spirit accepted full responsibility for him, including all vet bills. With the help of many, his fracture required specialized surgery at University of California, Davis. After his first surgery at UCD, he returned to a Reno vet hospital where he continued to healed.  Finally, he came home to Wild Horse Spirit.  Once his fracture healed, Spirit returned to UCD to have his plate and screws removed to allow normal growth.  He finally came home once again to Wild Horse Spirit.  Spirit continues to live at his home with Wild Horse Spirit.
L-JayL-Jay, orphaned, alone with a lone stallion (click for her story)-a 1 month old bay Virginia Range wild horse colt.  L-Jay was found with a  lone stallion.  The whereabouts of his mother unknown.  The Nevada Department of Agriculture brand inspector said he looked "okay".  But we knew that such a young foal would not survive in the wild without his mother's milk.  Two to three weeks later, he was discovered alone, malnourished with multiple abrasions and bites over his body.  Luckily a mountain biker found him before it was too late.  Wild Horse Spirit was contacted.  With the help of the biker and others, L-Jay was taken to Wild Horse Spirit where a vet examined and treated him.  L-Jay was befriended by Billy, a bachelor wild horse gelding, who provided him with the support he needed to feel save.  They continue to be the best of friends. L-Jay and Billy continues to live at their home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Brite (webpage coming soon) - a light bay BLM filly yearling.  We first saw her in a corral with other BLM wild horses in 1992 at the first 6-25-92 Brite, depressed and underweight, when first arrived at vets. A few days later with Bobbi and is bright and happyWild Horse and Burro Show in  Reno.  We fell in love with her.  We finally traced her to the Susanville BLM facility where she was headed for a BLM adoption program in California.  They said we could adopt her if we could get there by 3PM that same day.  Through windy, rainy weather, Bobbi pulled the trailer from Reno to Litchfield CA BLM Facility.  However, when Bobbi arrived, she was told that Brite had been injured.  They said we could pick another horse, but we said NO.  If Brite could be loaded, we would take her to a Reno vet hospital for treatment.  When Betty first touched her at the vets, tears came to her eyes...she was so underweight from all the stress of the roundup, separation from her family and friends and repeated loading and unloading.  Her story is typical of the saga of many wild horses captured by BLM.  Others are not as lucky as Brite.  Just remember massive captures to remove healthy horses is one of the most stressful experiences that any horse can endure.  Brite continues to live at her home at Wild Horse Spirit.  Brite developed central Cushing's disease manifested by chronic laminitis.  With appropriate medications, trimming, and great vet care, Brite is doing quite well.
Casey (Kachina) (webpage coming soon) - a black and white paint BLM filly. Rescued as a weanling after an Casey (Kachina untitled BLM adopter could no longer keep her.  Casey still at the vet's in Reno and just before we took her home to Wild Horse Spirit.  In this photo, Casey was obviously depressed...she was separated from her adoptive family.  Her untitled adopter had spent 3 days and 3 nights at the Palomino BLM facility near Sparks, NV, waiting to adopt her and making sure she did not disappear.  They finally process her to the adopter.  She was only a few months old.  Kachina is now with an adopter.
Cinnamon (webpage coming soon) - a sorrel BLM Nellis mare. She was heading for auction and Cinnamon, a Nellis BLM mare who was headed to slaughter, but Cinnamon refused to be loaded by the perpetratorsslaughter, but they were not able to load her, even using electric cattle prods. She was waiting for us. Cinnamon continues to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Felix (webpage coming soon) - a young brown Virginia Range stallion, 1-19-97. Felix was rescued by Wild Horse Spirit after injured by a hit and run motorist 1-19-97 Felix injured by hit/run motorist which critically injured his bachelor buddythat critically injured one of his free-roaming bachelor buddies, Pretty Boy, a roan young stallion near Hidden Valley Community. Felix was first cared for by Dennie and Sherry.  He then came to WHS where he was gelded, gentled and halter trained. Felix was then adopted to Jan where he enjoyed being with Sugar, Daisy, Sparky, Blondi, and Jan's domestics quarters horses.  When Felix began to collect his harem of mares at Jan's, he became aggressive to the geldings...typical wild horse stallion behavior.  Felix then went to Tim's where he continued to be trained to ride.  Now he is with an adopter who loves him dearly.
Jess 8-12-94 Jess at vets, wound healed and regained weight.(webpage coming soon) - a black BLM Nellis mare. Jess was rescued after she was found close to the Hidden Valley community, free-roaming, evidence of abuse and 200+ pounds underweight.  In this photo, Jess, who regained weight and her minor injury healed, is waiting at the vet to go to a temporary home until both she and Casey can go to Wild Horse Spirit. Jess continues to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Snow (now Cookie) (webpage coming soon) - a young sorrel Virginia Range filly. Cookie was treated for a Cookie, free-roaming alone in Hidden Valley Community severe laceration of her leg while free-roaming.  However, this young filly was never accepted by any bands.  Because she was in jeopardy of being hit by motorists in the Hidden Valley Community area, she was rescued by Wild Horse Spirit.  Approximately 4 months later, Ned was born in captivity at Wild Horse Spirit. Ned and Cookie continue to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Ned (webpage coming soon) - a sorrel Virginia Range gelding. Born at WHS in 1995 after his young pregnant Cookie and her colt, Ned, at WHS mother, Cookie, was rescued.  In the photo, Ned was only one week old.  In January 2002, Ned was chosen by Monty Roberts from over 20 horses as the starting horse.  Ned demonstrated Monty Roberts' Equus Language perfectly.  It was a great experience for Ned.  We were so proud not him.  He was a great tribute to wild horses and his mother, Cookie.  Ned and Cookie continue to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit.
ReinaReina, after rescued from auction (webpage coming soon) - A brown Nellis Air Force Base BLM mare who had been titled by BLM subsequently went through had multiple "owners".  At one time she had been reportedly a "trail horse" before being shuffled around from owner to owner. .Her current owners were headed for Las Vegas and  she was headed to Fallon NV for auction.  Before we rescued her, she has been with a couple of alpha Arabians who dominated her...Reina was always last at the chow line.  After coming to WHS, she has stood her ground and more.  Reina continues to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Shadow (webpage coming soon) - a black Virginia Range yearling filly, who was rescued with Shelby who had befriended her.  During a heavy long winter snow storm, Alex, a wonderful and gentle stallion, brought her back to join his band .  She had a fuzzy winter coat, but was underweight.  Shadow is one smart spirit who continues to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Shelby (webpage coming soon)- A 9 year old sorrel Virginia Range mare.  Rescued with her 3 week old foal, Little Shelby, free-roaming before her foal, Lil Horse Love was born Horse Love, who had developed a severe infection in the shoulder joint.  Despite aggressive treatment, Little Horse Love, did poorly.  Love went upon Pegasus wings to join other wild horses about three weeks after she was rescued. Shelby continues to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Lil Horse Love (webpage coming soon) - born to Shelby while free roaming.  Love at about 3 weeks of age Lil Horse Love...Shelby's baby...sleeping, waiting for the vetdeveloped what is called a foal septic arthritis in her shoulder joint.  For this reason, her mother, Shelby and she were trapped so that Love could be treated.  Shadow was also trapped with them as Shelby had befriended young and underweight Shadow after Alex brought her back to his band after a heavy winter storm.  In spite of IV antibiotics, Love did not do well.  Love went with Pegasus.  Shelby ever since has always been a Godmother to all or any orphaned foals that Wild Horse Spirit has rescued.  
Snort (Billy) 9-6-97 Billy and free-roaming before captured and unloaded at RAC on 10-21-97(webpage coming soon) - an unusual Roan-Palomino Virginia Range gelding.  Billy was rescued along with 5  others members of the free-roaming "Bachelor Band" after they were captured by Nevada Brand Department as "nuisances" and impounded at the Reno Animal Control facility. He at one time had a potential adopter, but this fail through.  Billy and L-Jay are inseparable buddies and continue to live at their home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Taffy (webpage coming soon) - a dark chestnut Virginia Range mare.  She was born in 1989 and a member Taffy, bay filly, free-roaming with the Palomino band of the "Palomino Band".  See photo on home page.  She is the reddish foal trailing behind. Fall 1990, she became lame from a severe leg injury while free roaming with her band.  She was captured and taken to the vet for treatment. She eventually, went to WHOA where shortly after Whisper was adopted, she, too, was adopted and brought home. Taffy was Wild Horse Spirit's 2nd rescued Spirit and continues to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Whisper (webpage coming soon) - a sorrel Virginia Range mare. Whisper had only one eye since Whisper, blinded left eye. WHS first rescued she was a foal free-roaming with the "Palomino Band".  She was born in 1990.  She and Taffy were in the same band.   Shortly after she was adopted thru WHOA as an "unadoptable", her blind left eye was surgically removed.  If you looked at the photo of the "Palomino Band" on the home page, her mother is a gray dappled mare-3rd down.  With her is Whisper's brother -4th down- who was born Spring 1990 while the Palomino Band was free-roaming.  Whisper was Wild Horse Spirit's first Spirit and continues to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Freedom (webpage real coming soon) - a sorrel paint Virginia Range wild horse gelding.  Extremely Freedom, before rescued malnourished, weak and alone, Freedom was rescued one day after Alf.  Freedom raised orphaned Alf and provided him with love, security and confidence until he grew into a young horse.  Once Freedom did his job, he became ill once again.  Freedom went upon Pegasus's great wings and is now "free" in Spirit.  Alf and Charlie now are at their wonderful new home that his human "brother and sister", Patti and Jeff, call Freedom's Fields.  Freedom's spirit is there, too.  Also see Spiritual Writings.
Alf (webpage real coming soon) -a  brown 6 month old Virginia Range colt when rescued.  Alf, orphaned, weak and Little Alf malnourished, had managed to stay with his band, but without his mother's milk, he would not survived.  What happened to his mother is unknown.  Alf was captured one day before Freedom.  He and Freedom became "brothers".  See Freedom above.  Alf with now at their beautiful home at Freedom's Fields with Patti, Jeff and Wild Horse Charlie.
Blondie (click for her story)- a 6 month old palomino filly with injury leg.  Someone had tried to roped her Blondie at the vets which likely caused her injury.  She was still dragging the rope. Blondie is now at her adoptive home with Jan in Gardnerville NV. 
DollyDolly (webpage coming soon) - a 6 week old Virginia Range filly with a severe hind leg injury...almost complete "de-gloving" of the skin from the hock to the fetlock, rescued late August 2001.  It took months for her wound to heal.   As she grows, Dolly Wild Horse's color is changing to "appy" as she is getting freckles over the nose and genital area.  She still has her baby fuzzy coat, but should soon shed this by the fall.  She thinks she is the biggest "Spirit" around, but is learning good wild horse behavior.  She has become attached to Grace, but also likes Bugz, too.  Our vet says that wild horses have a super-natural ability to heal as compared to domestic horses.  We agree. Dolly continues to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit. 
Grace ( webpage coming soon)  - a Goshute BLM mare "trained" using a 2x4 board beating her into unconsciousness because she would not stand still to get her feet trimmed or if she bucked.  Her story is unbelievable but not uncommon human mentality to "training" wild horses.  As Robin said now, she will never be "used or beat" again. Grace continues to live at her home with Wild Horse Spirit.
Elko Estate Wild Horse Rescue (webpage coming soon)...five wild horses would have gone to the "meat man" if we and others had not helped purchased them from the estate attorney.  That is where we meet Grace who had been rescued earlier by a concerned Elko person.
Trigger (Wolfie), Copper (Marge) and MoonMarge (Copper) and Tigger (webpage coming soon)...trapped 3-3-2000 by a private person for the Nevada Department of Agriculture who then called us about Tigger, on the right.  He had elf-like hooves on the hind feet only.  Yes, we would take him.  We also rescued Copper who was pregnant at the time.  Within a week after we transported them to their adoptive home, Cooper gave birth to Moon, a beautiful filly.  Tigger has had extensive treatment to re-shape his hooves, etc. and is doing quite well.  Tigger continues to live at his adoptive home with Cooper, Moon and humans, Dennie and Sherry in the Virginia Foothills community.
Sugar and Daisy (webpage coming soon) amazing and miraculous story about Sugar a young Virginia Range Daisy and Sugarfilly who turned out to be pregnant and her foal, Daisy.  Sugar developed an uncommon "twisted" uterus late in her pregnancy that required surgery to un-twist the uterus.  This condition has a high mortality rate for the mother but more significantly for the fetus.  When the uterus twists, it cuts off the blood supply to the uterus and fetus.  The fetus was still alive.  Several weeks later, Daisy was born.  She was a little premature but quite spunky.  Daisy at a few weeks of age, developed a fracture of one of the growth plates in her knee.  She, too, underwent successful surgery.  Jan, their adopter, saved Sugar and Daisy because she was immediately aware that Sugar was not acting normally.  Within a short period of time, the vet was called and the diagnosis made on the spot.  Sugar was immediately taken to the vet hospital for treatment and surgery.  Sugar is a "strawberry roan" and Daisy is a sorrel.  This photo was taken 9-20-98...both healthy and doing well.  Sugar and Daisy continue to live at their adoptive home with Jan in Gardnerville NV.
Angel and Pumpkin (webpage coming soon)...Angel is a Virginia Range wild horse appy mare that was captured Pumpkin and Angelwith Sugar by the Nevada Department of Agriculture.  Angel was adopted by a family that resided in the community where she free-roamed with her family until removed by the Agri Department.  Shortly, Pumpkin was born to Angel.  Subsequently, the family could no longer care for both.  We took them home to Wild Horse Spirit where they were gentled and eventually adopted to Jan who had previously adopted Sparky, Sugar, Daisy and Blondi. They loved Jan's lush pasture.  Angel continues to lives at her adoptive home with Jan in Gardnerville NV.  Pumpkin, now called Shelby, lives at her adoptive home with Lynn who also adopted 2 members of the bachelor band...Tony and Tyler.
Pearl and Benji Peal and Benji(webpage coming soon)...two orphaned 5-6 month old wild horses wandering the streets of Hidden Valley community.  They were following a very young roan yearling stallion, Junior (or now named "Tony" by his adopter.) that had befriended them.  They would not have survived without their mother's milk.  Pearl is a strawberry roan and Benji is a sorrel.  This photo was taken just after they were trapped and before they were taken to Wild Horse Spirit.  Junior soon joined up with the "Bachelor Band" that was subsequently captured and impounded by Reno Animal Control and Nevada Department of Agriculture as "nuisances".  Pearl continues to live at her adoptive home with Denise.  Benji is now in the Dayton NV area in a great home who loves him dearly.
More "Spirit" webpage stories coming...

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