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"Meet The Spirits"

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Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd.
 "Spirit's Story"

      foal free-roaming with a 
         fractured front leg.


   (right)  Spirit at UCD on gurney going to surgery.

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June 1999
We STILL Need You To Help With "Spirit"!
If you want to help DonationsE-Mail

left) Just unloaded and going to x-ray.  (right) x-ray after surgery.

October 30, 1998 - A few weeks ago, Bobbi and Betty from wild horse rescue group, Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd., got a call about an injured wild horse near Stagecoach, Nevada. They hooked up to their trailer and went out to the desert. What they found was heart-breaking.

They found a band of wild horses that included the mare and her severely injured colt.   "Spirit" was a bay paint colt about 4 months old.  His left front leg was fractured and his right rear leg lacerated. He was injured while free-roaming with his mother's band.

Spirit goes to UC Davis 10-16-98

These generous ladies took "Spirit" to UC Davis for surgery on his fractured leg. The surgeons put a plate in his front leg to stabilize the fracture until it heals at which time the plate will have to be removed because the colt is growing. "Spirit" has returned to Nevada and is presently recovering at an equine vet clinic in Reno, Nevada.

Along his journey to recovery, this colt has shown remarkable courage and a strong will to survived  his injuries. He has touched every human heart with his bravery, gentleness and behavior that equals the best domesticated horse.

"Spirit" is without a doubt one of America's treasures. He needs your help! His vet bills have already topped $2,500.00.  He still has another surgery to go. Please reach into your hearts and send a tax deductible donation (federal 501(c)(3)) to:

Wild Horse Spirit Ltd.
25 Lewers Creek Road
Carson City, NV 89704
Telephone (775) 883-5488
FAX (775) 884-2333


 What a brave horse "Spirit" is!

Update on "Spirit" the Wild Mustang Colt With the Broken Leg
November 1998

March 1999
I will be taking Spirit down to UCD starting at noon today.  He will likely be operated on to remove the plate & screws tomorrow morning.

Thanks for asking about little growing Spirit.  We are waiting for a break in the winter storms to get him over the Sierras from Reno/Carson to return to University of California Davis Equine Hospital.  He was scheduled to go about 1 1/2 week ago, but it snowed.  He is scheduled again to go on Wednesday, 3-3-99, but looks like Mr. Winter is still not cooperating.  Tomorrow, Monday, 3-1-99, may be a break in the winter weather.  So we plan to contact Spirit's doctor & tried to takes him either tomorrow or perhaps, Tuesday, weather cooperating.  They will re-evaluate his elbow fracture and remove his hardware.  By x-ray it has healed.  Once the hardware (plate & screws) is removed, the bone growth of the adjacent bone will play catch up & he should do really well. 

He has been confined in a 12x12 padded & bedded stall since his surgery last October 1998, via veterinarians instructions.  He has been quite patient.  Has lots of toys & enjoys visiting with Mona, Charlie's (Mona's baby who will be one year old next 3-22-99), Red, Kitty & others (All wild horses) through the gate panel.  When he sees the others playing & running in the arena area, he bucks, spins, rears, etc.  One day he will be out there, too.  All his photos have been in a stall. 







But one day, you will be able to see him against the Nevada blue sky & mountains.  Again, thanks for asking about this special little spirit.
Wild Horse Spirit

November 29, 1998 - Spirit has been recuperating in a box stall at a local vet clinic for the past 5 weeks. This is to enable him to stay quiet and heal properly. It is imperative to keep him as quiet as possible, preventing him from spooking or jumping around and put too much pressure and/or twisting on the broken leg. More x-rays have been taken and sent to U C Davis for evaluation.

Spirit has kept busy though. Busy training his human handlers! They are coming along as well as humans can. If Spirit wiggles his left ear they jump to feed him carrots. If he wiggles his right ear they fetch him juicy apples. Spirit really enjoys his grooming has become quite gentle. He still hasn't forgotten his "wild days" though and is, after all, a baby horse!

The plate may have to be removed from his leg in a few months because he is growing as all young horses do.

Spirit desperately needs everyone to chip in and help with his vet expenses. If you can find it in your heart to help him please send your tax deductible donation to:

Wild Horse Spirit
25 Lewers Creek Road
Carson City, NV 89704

Or call Bobbi at (775) 883-5488

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