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Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd.

              Spiritual Writings shares with you a special series of writings received about wild horses, related to specific events, our experiences and questions that serves as an inspiration, elevation and encouragement for us and others to go forth helping wild horses on Earth's plane in times of challenges that  seemed to be insurmountable. Links are provided between the actual story of a rescued Spirit and a spiritual writing.  These writings began in the early 1990's and were  received through automatic writing by Bobbi Royle. 

(Writings may not be used/copied without Wild Horse Spirit's written permission.  Thank you.)

                       General Wild Horse Writings

December 31, 1999   New Year’s Eve

That Gentle Past..."Little ones in the herd and little ones in the tribe"

            “ You asked about the past on this nite of forwardness.  Then a story you will hear.  Once bound on three sides by mountains, there was a tribe of people.  They were industrious, resourceful and joyful.  Their belief sustained them very well.  However, movement was stifled.   It was a long walk to the fishing lake.  The fish had to be smoked for the journey home again. 

         Once on the walk through the beautiful canyons, they came upon some beautiful animals who snorted and ran when they met them.  The Indians were afraid as well but could not get the beautiful animals out of their minds.  They would go back often but weren’t able to spot them again, until late, late fall and there were many more animals and different colors.   

        Many months later, the little ones in the herd and the little ones in the tribe made friends.  And friends they were until permission was given to ride astride the animal.  But there was a bond with human and animal.  There was gentleness and good fun but they were enabled to go forward and see many new things.  A loyalty was formed.  The animals were sacred and friends.  To be able to replicate the trust and bond now is a goal to look forward to.  Once in a while out in the brush and sage, we hear echoes of that gentle past, a whining or snort, a soothing word. “  (unsigned)

January 10, 1998 
                                      “Luminosity of  the Horse

Pagans crawled on the ground, until the first thing appeared that they worshipped.  A beautiful, large, bold creature ran free.  The awe of this creature turned into the age old saga, the use of it.   
           An abundance of distance could be covered on the horse, new frontiers, and then the POWER.  The horse gave the human power by taking the horse’s power.  It was transferred to the human.

          Time became exciting and knowledge was spread over great distance.  The horse was revered, but became valuable.  Heavy work could be established.  Even pleasure and status.  With cars the value of horses was in sport and ego.  Only a few people of this age revere the horse for its spirit and beauty.  This must be avidly guarded.

We above are committed to helping you in you efforts to save and elevate the horse to its rightful position on the planet.  Thank you for your question.  It gave us a chance to tell you of our great, great love of these creatures.  Have no fear - be persistent.

Be of good cheer, 
Have I not  drawn the horse in the past with all my love?

 P.S.   I of the wings give to you of my strength and love.  You truly are one with the little wild ones.  We share our love for them as special creatures on this earth.

March l0, l996          

Horses’ Absence from North America--ABORIGINAL  HORSE?                    

         "I see much green and many bands of horses.  All colors 
peacefully grazing on very large meadows.  But at once I hear loud
noises and many rocks moving. Horses are running and whinning. 

        The terrain is changing, the earth is cold. The peaceful sky and 
warmth is gone. Only bears roam and other furry creatures.  Time is 
silent, time is still.  For it is cold with nothing to eat.  There is water, 
but it is frozen.  All is still.

        There is a natural bridge, one very wide land mass over which
all manner of life came to the green pastures, to the warmth of the 
earth again, slowly with just a few of the beautiful creatures, small, 
fuzzy and hardy, but equines none the less. They produced with their
love more of each and became sturdy and very strong.  They were 
not seen for a very long time, for there were not many for a long time.

Does this answer your query?

                                        Friends of history”

September 6, 1996
        "Watched Over By Those In Heaven

 As the tumbleweeds slowly flew, the rain made the air smell anew.
The early morning yellow light added to my great delight.

 I saw them there upon the hill, about & in the mornings’ still.
There were Seven in all, on that day late in the fall.

 The foals, one dark, one light, jumping & running in flight.
The joy & the peace was shown in their stance & their manes wind blown.

 The awareness of all that is sacred and free, not known to you & me,
but lived by the Seven Wild Horses, watched over by those in heaven.

              Individual Wild Horse Writings

December 24, 1999 PM              "Angel Wings

  Angel wings can be heard, humming lightly this evening.  Pegasus’ large wings enveloped the brown mare who shall be called Lilly and her baby, Tom.  We understand your sadness especially on a glorious nite such as this which should be celebrated.  But my friends we celebrate you and your friends who are ever vigilant to help the beautiful creatures.  We wish you love and caring for each other as you care for the horses.  Share the day with friends of like minds.  You both will have beautiful dreams tonite.  Go to sleep knowing that we are so pleased with all of you who help.  Pegasus dips his wings in thanks.

Friends of the horses"

October 4, 1999 6:29 PM   
                                     “The Boys” -Alf and Freedom
  • There were two friends,
    quite compatible you see.

  • One with the spots, 
    the other a black.
    One named Free.

  • Quite a twosome from the
    the same area they came.

  • Both together now, Alf and Free,
    bound by past destiny.

  • For a long time ago,
    in an area of sun and grass,
    over a period of first to last.

  • They roamed in bright night skies,
    and so spiritual they really could fly.

  • Believe it or not,
    by one young girl they were sought.
  • She was dark of hair and fair of skin,
    she called the horses kin.
  • She roamed the valley and hill,
    and one day stood very still.

  • The two she saw side by side,
    and felt so happy she cried.

  • Now once again after so long, 
    the emotion is still as strong.

  • And together they will be, 
    Patti, Alf
    and Free.

                      R. Limon

9-4-99 Free, finally spotted, weak, malnourished, going for water  Freedom      9-4-99 Little Alf, orphaned foal, alone in his band Alf        6-24-2000 Free and Alf playing at WHSFree-Alf 

January 17, 2000  
            "FREE is not a good name, but his name is Eric.  He was of the dawn in previous lives.  He would glow toward morning leading the band through the dark and gloom.  Then the shot rang out and now he is of two colors, so he may go in the day or in the night."

11-29-95 Ben and Pearl, orphaned and underweight, awaiting transport to Wild Horse SpiritNovember 30, 1995 PM     
             (little Hidden Valley wild horses -leppies-orphans) 
                      "Benji and Pearl"

  • One and two sweet little horses, once belonged to the Norse.
    Of that lineage, they came, that’s why they are so tame.  

  • They were once with you both, a century or so ago.
    To cross paths once again, it’s like hello and amen.

  •  Other times you all have had, some real good, some real bad.
    But together again, you all are reunited now from afar.

  •  It’s quite interesting to note, that you are once again afloat,  
    on the great sea of life, involved in the same old strife.

  •  So be happy my friend, I am to see you again.
    For what we were called then, would be like your name Ben.

  •  And for that strong girl, you can just call her Pearl
    cause her color is of a gem and we still know that Zen.

  •  For he (Ben) was Benjamin the Great, the head of the state.
    So now together we are, from near and far.

  • In love and in truth.
                                           “Rhymin Limon”  

December 31, 1998PM
            FOR THE WILD ONES  (1998 Christmas Holiday Slaughter 34 Wild Horses)

  • In bands of three and four, they grazed quietly on the valley floor.

  • A mare, colt, stallions and fillies,
    jumping and playing, just acting silly.

  • The quiet broken by shots,
    one mare dropped on the spot.

  • The band broke and ran,
    galloping over dry land.

  • You could smell the fear,
    as ones so hurt and dear,
    failed to run free no more.

  • Thirty-Four dead in all,
    shot by a dirty dog.

  • One that surely should be caught,
    thinking how hard the horses fought.

  • Hung by the neck one day,
    the way he was meant to pay.

  • Pegasus now has the loved ones on his wings, and all of Heaven started to sing.5-21-99 Return to slaugher scene. Cross lays in green forage where the sprayed little colt died

  January 2, 1999 7:33 AM PST

 The filly, HOPE, critically injured by the 98 Christmas holiday shooters

      Like the poem, she (HOPE) is jumping and playing again with her mother and 12-27-98 Hope, 6 month old, critically shot and paralyzedsiblings.  Many people have sent prayers and their love toward the passed on horses and in turn, that love has bounced back to comfort the remaining distressed horses.
Horses have fear which diminishes once the source is gone.  They do not have revenge or carry any remorse.  They have wonder and exhilaration and yes, sadness or yearning.  But they too have forgiveness for us pitiful humans.  The horses simply re-incarnate to once again become creatures of love and light whatever their fate.
 Our prayers and love and thoughts of them create an atmosphere for them to come back to be with us, hopefully to be treated with kindness and compassion and love. 
        Thank you for your question, it enables us to give the true information.  We know of your love for the wonderful creatures.  Thank you for that and all of your help, and long fight.
        Mama is here with us and will return to you soon.  Stormy is a liaison for the trips of other horses.   When you arrive with us you will have a huge greeting by all you loved.


April 10, 2001AM  Miles   (We asked for a name for Sarah’s foal, born 4-8-2001) 

4-10-2001 Miles, 2 days old, Sarah's foal, receives his name “Good morning my good friends,

  You see me above those beautiful snow capped mountains, for we can project whatever we wish you to see from here.  I also see that midnite boy.  Yes, we can see love and beauty clearly.   

I see that you will be going off in another direction again.  This is good, and you all seem so calm and eager about it.  Spring holds good and loving events for you.  You only have to be happy and outgoing.   

It seems you want to know what to call the new baby.  Given this fine young horse’s background, it will be fitting to called him in memory of your father, Betty, either Miles, as he can go miles and miles and has been miles and miles in his past life.   He is also very deep and assured.  Call him Nite – for tonite, last nite, and all the comings nites.  Knight is his Roman name.  He was with Bobbi a long, long time ago and then his name was Saracen.  That’s why he came from Sarah, the mom.

 I am so glad to speak with you again.  Please see me more often. 

 My love,


Satin (Prieto) 1999January 11, 2000 late afternoon (Two horses hit by speeding vehicle on Geiger Grade going to Virginia City.  His band quietly and tenderly came and surrounded the old black stallion after he died. One young filly sniffed him, then took her foot and gently pawed him as to say, "Get up. Get up." This was Alf's band.  One time, someone noticed his band in the distance.  Unusual, as the old stallion followed far behind the band.  Upon closer observation, the old stallion was pushing orphaned Alf along to keep up with the band. Alf was rescued 9-16-98.)

    “Can you recall the blue black sky of dusk in Nevada.  Then you can envision SATIN (Prieto), as we called him, running on the tops of the crevices.  A gallant and loving stallion, a kind and courageous one.  He was given a tribute by his band.  They will miss him.  The beautiful mare had done her mothering job well for years and left a fine youngster.  BRIE (Raven), as we called her.  Pegasus flew in between these two fine horses for they will help him do his work.  These two are special, and, again, the winged horseBlack band...Alf's band. 3-99 thanks you for your help.  As we do, we are sad for your sadness, but you were picked to help because of your great love for the wild ones.  We are also pleased that you all are working together.  Bravo.  Sleep well tonite, my friends, you have earned it.”    (Not signed). 

 Many more writings to come.

Wild Horse Spirit, Ltd.
25 Lewers Creek Road
Carson City, NV 89704
(775) 883-5488 

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