Jess-Nellis BLM wild horse. Abandoned by her BLM adopter

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NEW...beautiful photos of Free Roaming Wild Horses...2003...taken by Betty Kelly over the years.   


The reality of "adoption" for the wild horse!  It is a life-long commitment and not a passing fad!  Slaughter is the eventual destiny for many..


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Article exposing

Trail’s End for Horses: Slaughter and BLM.  January 5, 1997 investigative reporting by Martha Mendoza.

Horse Slaughter  webpage

Slaughter of America's Horses...facts!   OUR HORSES, even foals as a special order, are slaughtered in Texas by two  Belgium foreign-owned plants...Beltex and Dallas Crown...and shipped over seas to Europe, Japan, Scandinavian countries, and other countries, including Belgium for human consumption as a delicacy!!!!!  Over a billion dollar business industry for these foreign companies.

Non-stop massive removals by BLM

Stop  Wild Horse Captures!  Legislation...Politics...Public Lands...Wild Horses are the targets!

Article exposing
BLM Utah wild horses end up at slaughter

Utah Wild Horses Still Being Sent to Slaughter - January 1, 2001
   By Christopher Smith/THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE
One of every 10 wild horses killed at three big U.S. slaughterhouses in 1999 was adopted from Utah, newly released federal records show. 

Help continue our work for the wild ones.

"Shadow Spirits" by Nancy Christy-Moore 
This absolutely gorgeous "Spirit" print was donated to Wild Horse Spirit by Nancy to help our fund raising efforts . To help the wild "Spirits" and be owner of this print see below about
Raffle Tickets and further information about Nancy's print.


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